"I'm Looking To Find A Steady Flow Of

New Cosmetic Injection Clients..."

If That's You...I Want To Personally Invite You To Test Our System And Take An Inside Look At How Our Medspa's Average 34 Appointments In The First Week...

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For Medical Clinics & MedSpas Looking For A Better Way To Get New Clients…

This FREE, 7-Day Trial Program

Gives You An Inside Look A New MedSpa Growth System…

(Designed To Increase Your Profits, Decrease Your No Show Rates, And Increase Client Retention!)

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ATTENTION Aesthetic Nurses & MedSpa Owners

Discover The New System That MedSpa Businesses Are Using To Massively Scale Their Practice And Success!

(Test Drive Our Program FREE For 7 Days To See If We Are A Good Fit For You)

Make Sure Your Sound Is ON!

Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON!

Aesthetic Nurses & MedSpa Owners Looking For A Better Way To Get New Clients…

Discover the New System that MedSpa businesses are using to massively scale their Practice and success!

(Test Drive Our Program FREE For 7 Days To See If We Are A Good Fit For You)

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Definitely the best choice for building your business! Mike is amazing. Top notch service and a servants heart. Amazing job. Thanks, ASRX!

Dr. Grayson Starbuck

On This Free Growth Call, We'll Show You:


How we've increased our MedSpas' show rates by 3x.


How we build out a customized plan for your business and vision.


Strategic offer creation and funnel designs that convert over 43%.


Reactivation System that becomes the SINGLE most powerful tool you have to increase profits


The #1 secret to instantly increase client retention


A complete booking and follow up system ready to go for you.

This Free Growth Call not only gives you the ability to test drive us before ever investing in us. The 12 week program allows you to get the strategies you might be missing and the tech setup done fast, so you can stay in your zone of genius.

We know how frustrating it is to experience marketing company after marketing company promise the moon...only for them to give you a list of unqualified leads and blame you for their sub pair results.

That's why we created this Marketing Rejuvenation Program. It was created so that within 90 Days of following our proven system, we will get you an ROI so you can ACTUALLY grow your business. Tripling show rates, increasing new client flow, and increasing profits.

Are you next?

This blueprint is 100% free, so if you're truly serious about growing your medical practice, download today before we end this limited time offer!

But Why Would You Want To Work With Us?

We are looking to work with MedSpa Owners who are looking to…

  • Easily book appointments with new clients.
  • Automated marketing that brings in leads 24/7.
  • Spend less time on administrative tasks.
  • Stop worrying about where your next client is going to come from.
  • Utilize a system designed to bring you and ROI.

On This Growth Call, We'll Show You:

How we are able to increase your show rate by 3x.

So, How Do You Get The Right Leads

(AKA Your 'Ideal Clients')

To Find You Online?

My name is Mike Rhoads, and a few years ago I started my company 'As Prescribed Media' where I work closely with Medical Clinics and Spa owners who offer Cosmetic Injections (and ONLY Cosmetic Injections) to help them dramatically grow their clinics.

There are only a few spots open to work with us at any given time as most of our clients who partner with us, don't leave. They continue month after month so it's VERY rare that there are any openings.

But...if this page is online right now, then a few spots have opened up. You have a small window of opportunity to grab one of these coveted spots. Let me explain how it works (and what's in it for YOU!)

If you get accepted into the brand new 'Custom Marketing Rejuvenation Program', this is how it will work:

First we will get on the phone for 10-15 minutes,

and go over what you've already got...

Once we have that "raw material", we'll focus on 3 things:


Building a front-end system that works to automatically to collect and feed highly qualified leads into your ecosystem.


Setting up your backend system that will converts those leads into high value patients that keep coming back.


Driving as much paid traffic into that automated system as possible allowing us to scale.

And it's really that simple...

If your acquisition system isn't right, you cant drive traffic..

If you cant drive traffic...you can't make money.

But if you get it right...then you can scale FAST!

What If I Said You Could Just Be A Few Click Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or even QUADRUPLING your business...but had to make just a few small adjustments. Would you listen?

We'll Show You Inside Of The 'Custom Marketing Rejuvenation Program...'

How Fast You Can Scale

When Your System Is "Right..."

You could literally be just a few clicks away.

During the 2020 pandemic, we started working with DPTSI. We took a look into everything they were currently doing to acquire new patients. We got them setup with a custom built out system that fits

  • Their business goals
  • Their target market
  • Their market and location needs

We then through the EXACT SAME system process we do with all of our 'Lead Ascent 2.0' members and within 45 days of working together generated over 20 patinets

For those keeping score thats over $18k generated on a $10/day marketing budget...Which is INSANE!

After your system is set up... Here are the next HUGE benefits of 'Lead Ascent 2.0.'

Get all Your Questions Answered With

1-on-1 Coaching!

And the last BIG benefit of 'Lead Ascent 2.0' is...

You have a chance to generate 10-20 appointments BEFORE you ever spend a dime on advertising.

I understand, jumping into paid digital advertising can be scary as a business owner who has built your ENTIRE career or business from word of mouth or referrals.

In our program, we like to utilize our proven starter system that creates a large catch net for organic leads that you're already missing as well as going after the Clients who are no longer visiting you.

If you're accepted...then this is all done completely for you.

As you become part of the 'Lead Ascent 2.0' Family.

So, let me ask you a question...

Would you be ecstatic if you could just

sign a few new high-value Cosmetic Injection clients this month?

Then steadily sign more clients month after month?

Be able to stop wasting time and energy on marketing tactics that never convert?

As well as be able to focus more time and energy on your clients or family?

Because if you could, that would ultimately mean you have created a business that essentially runs itself, right?

Giving you, the business owner, much more freedom.

Freedom to spend more time with your family OR even open another location! (Which would be amazing!)

Unfortunately, I also get the sense there are some roadblocks for you here, including figuring out how to:

Find those new clients consistently.

Balance business and family life.

Try to stand out from the other practices in the area.

Sound familiar?

Few Points About Social Media...

  • In 2021 the US is estimated to have 225.6 million users
  • In 2022 the US is estimated to have 228.3 million users
  • In 2023 the US is estimated to have 230.6 million users

So what does that mean to you as a clinic or spa owner?

Well it tells us that your ideal clients are logging into these platforms every day.

But how can you get through to them?

When it comes to Facebook is all comes down to disruptive marketing.

Now, you may have paid some "professional" thousands of dollars only to be told

"Go post on social media every day they say..."

But despite doing everything the gurus suggested, the clinic still is not seeing enough clients per week.

And social media can feel like you're yelling into an abandoned building.

Posting on Facebook daily and getting 5-10 likes (if you're lucky)

As you know, "likes" don't pay the bills.

Do you constantly ask yourself these questions?:

"What the heck can I do to get more cosmetic injection clients?"

"Where do I even start?"

"How much do I need to spend to get the results I need?"

"How can I make it so I'm able to sign on more clients consistently?"

"How do I sell bigger packages?"

One last question...

Do you ever find yourself thinking...

"I don't have time to learn how to do marketing."

"I don't have time to chase down these new leads all day."

"Social media just sucks up time and money and doesn't produce results."

You aren't alone!

Well let me tell you, I know exactly how you feel because I've seen it for myself - more than once!

When all is said and done, my guess is you really just want to create a strong and thriving clinic.

And be able to generate high value clients that keep coming back and refer their friends.

Finally, feel like you're in control of your life and clinic.


If this sounds at all like you and your situation, then I'd like to invite you to check out...

The Lead Ascent 2.0 System

The Lead Ascent 2.0 System makes it easy for you to:

Create a measurable and scalable client generation system without spending a fortune on ads, putting on seminars, or on marketing tactics that NEVER work.

You’re going to LOVE this! Here’s just a taste of what you get with Lead Ascent :

Our 4 Pillar Model To Attract And Convert Clients Directly

Step 1: Diagnose

We’ll do a deep dive analysis on what your current media plan is, so we can get a good feel for where your business is at.

Step 2: Prescribe

We will take our diagnosis and create a prescription for your business that works with where you’re at and where you want your business to go. This will be part of your Custom Marketing Rejuvenation Program™

Step 3: Implement

Our media buyers, creative strategists, customer success managers, data scientists, and funnel architects will implement your Custom Marketing Rejuvenation Program™ making adjustments where needed..

Step 4: Amplify

We will amplify your traffic, media, creative, and funnels like only As Prescribed Media can.

You run your business, we’ll run your marketing.

Discover How Savvy MedSpa Owners Have Used This Client Acquisition System To Spend More Time Working On Their Business and Not For Their Business

And of course you're fully protected with our

Elite Service 30 Day Guarantee

If you wouldn’t take a selfie with us after 30 days of working together, we will refund you 100% of the money you invested in us and you can keep all the work we have done for you. PLUS no long-term contracts!


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